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July 26, 2018
3 days left
until our celebration.
​"A Family that Prays
Together Stays Together"
We have been doing our family Reunions
for more than 70 Years and we are
still going strong. Thanks family

for your love and support.
              We love You! 
Greetings my Family,

I thank God for this great opportunity to address you as the National President of the Jemison Family Reunion. I'm one of the proud sons of the late Solomon Jemison. I represent the Legacy in which all the branches extend from, but most of all I represent GOD who is the head of my life and the beginning of it all.
I am a strong believer that a Family that Prays together stays together. We have a great history of our family roots. I challenge each and every one of you to read our History page and take the quiz on the following page. (Do You know the Story of our history?) Please encourage your children and their children to do it also, it is up to all of us to keep the Legacy alive, so that our children and theirs' will come to know their family and understand the true value of having such a great legacy. 

If you missed the reunion in Montgomery Alabama you missed a great time: nevertheless,
We want to see you at the next reunion. Start now making plans for the reunion in Hattisburg Mississippi in 2018.
 Please tell your children and their children now about next year's reunion.
Last but not least stay strong in the LORD and keep the FAITH, believe in the promises of God, continue to develop spiritually, physically and mentally. The web-site and Facebook is our communication tool,
please use it and pass it on to other family members. 
May God Bless You and Keep You until we meet again.

Your Cousin,
Rev. Billy Jemison
National President of the JEMISON FAMILY
Cell  1313-347-5332
Home 586-859-7946

E-mail billyjemison@yahoo.com
Alvin A. Wheeler Sr, Vice President
"My name is Alvin A. Wheeler Sr., I'm the son of the late Charlie & Enestine Wheeler. My father Charlie Wheeler was the oldest child of Hannah Jemison Wheeler. My wife Bettie and I have three children and three grandchildren.
When I was a child my parents made sure that we attended the family reunion each year and for the past 50 + years I have enjoyed visiting the different host cities and seeing old faces and meeting other family members for the first time.
I was elected Vice President of the Family Reunion National Committee several years ago and accepting this position I am both humble and grateful to our family members for this opportunity. I have the upmost respect for Cousin Marion Wheeler my predecessor and our President, Cousin Billy Jemison.
I feel one of my resonsibilities is to support our president in any way I can. He is a man of God and has a great love for family. I promise to give my all to make sure our family history and tradition is never lost.
I look foward to seeing each of you at this year's reunion
in July 2018, Hattiesburg, MS.
God Bless!
Alvin A. Wheeler Sr.


beginning thrusday July 26,27,28 & checking
out on Sunday the 29th

of July 2018.  See detail page for more information...


National Family Reunion Committee

For More Information please contact Billy Jemison, President, Alvin Wheeler,Vice President, Patricia Higgins, Secretary, Lisa Paolino, Assistant Secretary, Eugene Jemison, Treasure and Sonja Johnson, Assistant Treasure.



If you are an active family member with our reunions and interested in hosting our family reunion in your city please contact our President Billy Jemison.

 Hattisburg, Mississippi 2018
Chicago, Illinois  2019
​Ocean City, Maryland 2020
How many children did Dennis and Ella have that lived ?

Are you planning on attending the Reunion in Virginia Beach?

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