For those of you who are planning on attending the reunion   in Hattisburg, Mississippi please place your name on the RSVP page so everyone can see those
who will be attending. 
Thank You

Guest RSVP'd
Alfonza King
Alvin Wheeler, JR.
Barbara Jemison (Kelsey)
Barbara Nance
Carole James (spencer)
Chelaun Johnson
Curtis& Bobby Jemison
Demery Higgins
Diamond Brooks
Eugene & Beverly Jemison (Jemison)
Frank. K. Montague
Isabella Tarver (Stallworth)
Jeffonia EbonyJ (Wynn(M.S.)
Juanita Williams
Karla Bernard
Keith Jemison
Kennedy Jemison
Kimberly Bonds
Kimberly (little) Wynn
Louis & Dolores Sigmon
Mary E. (lyles)
Mikayla Jemison
Moriba Kelsey
Patricia Andry
Patricia Brooks (Higgins)
Shanita Threats (threats)
Sonya Johnson
Tonia Brooks
Tramaine Anderson
William Brooks
Williams Debra